Grand Illusions !

Are you dreaming of a real magic show, Las Vegas style, with assistants and a lot of big boxes ?
For a breathtaking show that will leave you speechless, choose Grand Illusions !

Assistant's Revenge

A Mind-Blowing Show !


Grand Illusions is the ultimate magic show, imagine watching a mesmerizing show, just like on TV. The XXL illusions of the Geneva Magician and his partners, presented with grace, dynamism and dexterity, will amaze your audience !

Do not blink your eyes and experience amazement appearances, transpositions, disappearances, women levitating or cut in half and let yourself be transported by the magic of the moment


Gianfranco makes your dream come true

In addition to his shows, Gianfranco also listens to his audience. Do you need a personalized act? Do you have a dream, a wish for your event? Talk to the magician, he will be able to create you a personalized magic performance! Contact him!