Close-up, Experience the magic !

Magicien Suisse Gianfranco Genève

How to break the ice during a cocktail, wedding or corporate party ? Ask Gianfranco !

Experience magic up close with this incredible magician !




Moving from table to table for a dinner or introducing himself to each small group of guests at a cocktail party, Gianfranco will make the surprise. This is a very interactive kind of magic, it is also a great way to “break the ice” and it is an elegant experience that your guests will remember for a long time.


Mixing Close-up Magic and Show : the perfect event !

Experience the Magic up close with elaborate tricks that hit the bull’s eye every time ! Be amazed by Gianfranco’s tricks who even at few centimeters from your eyes will stil succeed in bluffing you ! 

You also have the possibility of combine Close-up and Show, for a complete magic experience !